International Exchange

International Exchange

At IBI, we want students to gather a integrated and global approach. To lubricate this we had crafted an Inbound and Outbound Exchange Programmes. These programmes help students to understand an array of different cultural, community perspectives and enhance their interest in global issues.

IBI International Exchange Program is a platform for students that help them network internationally with the advantage of choosing specialized electives at one of our partner schools.

Students can travel to another business school and learn from expert faculty members. They can travel to abroad with opportunities to study in foreign cities that give them a great opportunity to develop the global perspective. The I-Business Institute provides opportunities to study & talk to teachers based in abroad.

Our college let students to take advantage of these opportunities to explore diverse business cultures in order to gain the knowledge the necessary skills and to succeed in today’s global business world.

The chance to study from foreign faculty members will help students to expand their perspectives and gain a deeper understanding of business and economics. In the similar manner experiencing learning while studying abroad is a life-changing opportunity.

For PGDM students at IBI international faculty members share their valuable thoughts on new business opportunities in the international platform. Our exchange partners are selected on the basis of their experience, reputation, excellence in the field of education and business industry.

The International Exchange Programs at the I-Business Institute are thus based on a broad vision to provide a greater understanding of international trade and business practices and ideas. These programs are designed to help students meet the new venture requirement.