Final Research Project (FRP)

Final Research Project (FRP)

It is the base of the Programme. It’s important to remember that each student is his/her own project manager and they had to work under the supervision of corporate mentor or home faculty. when it comes to the progress of the project it is his/her responsibility to submit the report within due date. The topic of the project is based on the electives selected in 4th Semester.

Research Team at IBI is involved in several research projects. As a premier business school located in India’s Delhi/NCR capital, IBI is one of the leading corporate research houses in the city, contributing to the added advantage for industry collaborations, and research & development.

The institute final research project team has setup an excellent national as well as the international academic background in the innovative hub of research.

Working with our Final Research Team students has main benefits:

Students at our institute are encouraged to clear their doubts regarding the project work. They would be guided by the team of experts and by other leading academicians and researchers.

The questions and doubts regarding the research project can be asked to the institute faculty members.

Students pursuing PGDM program can ask questions & clear their doubts on research papers on the different business & marketing research topics.

All the students working on research projects will be given a supervisor that helps them score the highest grades and also in writing research paper. You can improve your research paper assignment with the help of specialists at our institute in a short time.

All the projects tackled by the experts that also help you get access to deep expertise in organizing and diving into massive amounts of data for you.